Cliff diving, rock climbing, and rope swinging


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Adrenaline junkies,  here’s your fix!  This tour has everything and then some.  Jump off the cliffs that range from 5’  to 50’.  Then turn right around and deep-water solo rock climb your way back to the top where you’ll rope swing down and start over again.

What's Included

I’ll provide:  transportation from downtown,  the rope for the swing,  comprehensive water depth checks while you climb or jump,  pictures and video from multiple hi-def waterproof cameras.  I have a few pair of rock climbing shoes,  so ask if you think we might have the same size feet!

Your price includes entry into a regional park.

What to bring?

You don’t need much!  If you have rock climbing shoes,  that would be good,  but you can still enjoy this tour without them.

Additional Info

I take “local guiding”  seriously.  With any of my tours,  you’ll get loads of side benefits.  Depending on the day you come,  I’ll invite you to whatever my friends are doing after our tour,  let you borrow my mountain bike to explore the city on your own,  cruise you around on the moped to some good spots,  etc.  Trust me,  you’ll get a lot more than you paid for.

Unless you request a private your,  I’ll always invite my friends along with whatever we plan to do.  It’s more fun for both of us.

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nathan l

Aaron is a busy guy!  Between teaching,  traveling the world,  finding new and exciting ways to earn a bit of extra cash,  hitchhiking and many other various outdoor activites he finds time to provide awesome and unique tours.  Me,  my wife and a few friends went on the full moon island tour.  Aaron paddled us and about 20 other people each way!!!  It was a great time!  Now I need to do his scooter tour!

Darby P

I only date Aaron for the adventure—caving,  kayaking,  cliff jumping,  tandem biking,  moped riding,  rock hopping,  hitchhiking,  frisbee golfing,  camping,  night hiking,  glow-in-the-dark ultimate frisbee,  bonfires,  sliding down waterfalls,  unicycle football—everyone knows these are essential elements of any successful relationship.

Dwayne W

I have known Aaron all his life and   am still being amazed at his creativity and ability to see what others do not.  He can take you places you’ve never been while doing so safely and thriftily.  He truly finds joy in life.  You will find joy and adventure with Aaron.

Clay T

I’ve been friends with Aaron for a couple of years and he is easily the most active,  adventure-seeking person I know.  Aaron is the poster boy for a GuideHop guide:  he’s passionate about the activities he guides,  he’s an excellent instructor and experienced guide,  and he’s just a good,  down-to-earth guy that loves meeting new people and showing them his city.  I highly recommend you go on one of Aaron’s (very unique and fun!)  activities.

Robert B

Aaron is a very energetic and extraverted person.  he is able to talk or communicate with any nationality from around the world (just look at the pictures).  He is always looking for adventure wherever he goes,  or plans on going,  to include getting there with spending as little a possible while doing it.  He is responsible,  and knows the limits (whatever they may be).  You will be amazed at the things he can find to do when you think there is nothing going on around you.  If you are looking for adventure,  then you have found your match.  Just remember,  be careful what you ask for.  Aaron will take you to the limit and you will enjoy it for a lifetime.

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6 hours

Weekends only during the school year.  Contact me if you’re interested in extending it to a multi-day trip as there is good camping nearby.

Meet Aaron B


To book a tour,  email me at aaron@guidehop .  com

Aaron is a founding member of Guidehop and its first guide.  He is an expert on Austin’s outdoor offerings and is willing to give you the keys to his city.  He finds adventure in places where others see none,  and can discover more about an area’s outdoors in a single week than others find in a lifetime.  Aaron is a seasoned world traveler who has been to over 30 countries,  mostly via hitchhiking and other forms of ultra-cheap travel.  He is passionate about sharing his way of life and bringing people along with him,  whether through organizing a massive hitchhiking race from Texas to North Carolina,  hosting an island camp out,  or convincing his friends to start a scooter gang.  Aaron holds the record for the longest field goal ever in the Unicycle Football League where he is a two-time national champion with his team the Hot Dogs.  When he’s not traveling,  Aaron can be found playing ping pong and teaching Speech at a local high school.

Qualifications & Experience

I live for this stuff.  You don’t backflip off 50’  cliffs your first time around.  I’ve been guiding this trip for payment since July,  2011,  but for friends for three years.  While it looks crazy and dangerous,  I’m actually really thorough with my water depth checks and leading by example so you know its safe before you go.


English (Fluent)


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