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No need to be a stranger on GuideHop.

You can get the official GuideHop Get Verified badge simply by talking to me,  telling me what your plans are,  and receiving some feedback.  We do a quick 10-20 minute interview through Skype or over the phone and I can confirm you immediately.

The verified badge gives your posts greater legitimacy:  it proves that we know who you are and what you’re all about.  You don’t need it,  but it can help you get started by with this reassuring badge.

I am a writer for GuideHop with a good bit of advertising know-how.  I can proofread your description and give you tips to improve your post and increase your bookings.

All you need is at least one activity posted on GuideHop for me to take a look at and we can schedule an interview at both of our convenience.

Jeanene A

Sam was very Helpful getting my account set up correctly!

Ahmed S

Sam is a fun guy to hang out with and an interesting person to chat with.  He is knowledgeable when it comes to Guidehop.  I enjoyed talking to him and enjoyed the awesome Get Verified activity.  I will see him around for sure.

barb w

Samuel was very helpful and knowledgable in helping me through the Get Verified process.  He had some good suggestions.

Ryan S

Sam’s may not be guiding much on our site yet…  but he certainly enjoys looking for adventure.  He and his brother booked one of our first tours when we launched and now he’s a part of our team.  How cool is that…

Jeremy R

Sam is an integral part of the Guidehop team that helps us look cooler than we really are.  He is always available to help and has a great attitude.  If you ever need help with your guidehop postings he’s your guy.  He will also talk with you and make you a verified guide.

  • Tram V
  • Ahmed S
  • Jeremy R
  • Clay T
  • Scott D


1 hour

I will try to group these interviews into one weekday,  but am happy to work around your needs too.

Meet Sam K


An inquisitive explorer with a distaste for anything generic,  I was thrilled when GuideHop took me on as their copywriter. 

Having just recently moved to Austin from the East Coast I doubt I’ll be guiding any time soon,  but I am looking forward to seeing what kinds of exciting activities are being posted as I learn about my new home.

A freelance copywriter by weekday and screenwriter by weekend,  I am always looking for new experiences,  extraordinary stories,  and fascinating characters to inspire my work.


English (Fluent)