Meet Ryon C

Ryon is a homebound expatriate.  Wherever he finds himself,  he keeps an eye out for the most fun adventures and the most educational experiences around.  Equally at home in the outdoors and the spotlight,  he always pushes those around him to step out of the usual and explore themselves and their surroundings.  When he’s not sharing philosophy,  teaching language or experiencing the outdoors,  he’s probably on the UFL field playing Unicycle Football.  If you’re looking for a little personal growth,  as well as a great time,  seek out whatever activity Ryon has planned for the day.


English (Fluent), French (Fluent), Spanish; Castilian (Advanced)

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Experience Unicycle Football

Come out and watch a unicycle football game. I'll…

5 hours
$15 /person

The Great Hitch Hiking Race 7

The general idea is that we meet up in my hometown…

7 days
$57.50 /person

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