Real Adventure and Great People

GuideHop is where professional guides, instructors, and locals can share their passions and find new ones. Our website makes it easy to create and find new adventures to book around the world and in your backyard. You’ll love exploring new activities and creating new ones to share.

We’re a group of travelers, adventure seekers, techies, Jackalope lovers, and a Pro Footballer, who are trying to fix the the mundane way we all have gotten use to traveling. Big corporate hotels, mega-resorts, and multi-million dollar tour operators are so yesterday. GuideHop guides are unique, authentic, local, genuine, trustworthy, exclusive, and most importantly people like you.

Get Out and Explore

What are we trying to accomplish? We want the independent guides who only get booked if the hotel concierge cut is big enough to get a fair rate. We want a business traveller to get out of the hotel and experience the local scene and culture. We want the individuals to explore corners of their city they didn’t know exist.

We want you to realize that anyone can be a Guide by sharing your knowledge, experience, and passions on GuideHop today.