Meet the Team

Ryan Schmitz

Ryan Schmitz - The Man with the Plan

Ryan is an avid traveler who loves exploring new cultures and going to places most people leave off their short list. A frequent mountain biker and skier, Ryan has biked on numerous continents, broken multiple bones, and enjoys the chutes of Utah back-country skiing each year. When traveling, he doesn't like to plan too far ahead and prefers to shoot from the hip, which doesn't always make it enjoyable, but always makes for a good story and an even better adventure.

After his last few trips, which included an overpriced yet underpaid guide in China, riding with a driver in Burma that almost killed him, and backpacking off the grid in southern Utah with a “companion� who had never camped a day in his life, GuideHop was born. Ryan's goal for GuideHop is to create a marketplace where instructors, guides, and everyday people who really do have the knowledge, talent, and experience they say they have and offer it at a fair price without the hassle of the middle men.

Darren Woodson

Darren Woodson - The Media Guy

Three-time Super Bowl champion and five-time Pro Bowl selection, Darren Woodson, joined ESPN as an NFL analyst in 2005. He appears on NFL Live and SportsCenter, as well as other ESPN platforms throughout the year. Woodson earned a reputation as one of the hardest hitters and most ferocious strong safeties in the NFL during his 13 seasons (1992-2004), all with the Dallas Cowboys. The quarterback of the team's defense during its three championship runs in the 1990s (Super Bowl's XXVII, XXVIII and XXX), Woodson registered career totals of 11 sacks, 23 interceptions and 1,350 tackles, the most in Cowboys franchise history at the time of his retirement in 2004.

T. Grove

T. Grove - The Tech Guy

As elusive as the mythical jackalope, T. Grove prefers to fly under the radar. A part of the computer underground scene for years, Mr. Grove has been a part of building and creating some of the coolest new technologies and websites for fortune 500 companies.

Jeremy Roberts

Jeremy Roberts - The Marketing Guy

Jeremy holds a Bachelor's Degree in Spanish from Chapman University in Orange, CA. In high school he lived in the United Kingdom, and during his college career he studied in Spain and Chile. All three times abroad he traveled extensively to surrounding countries, and he continues to be passionate about leaving the touristy areas to see things as the locals do.

His travel adventures have ranged in diversity from farming oregano with an Aymaran family in Northern Chile, driving a 1968 Morris Minor Traveler across the UK, and making balloon animals for tips in the streets of Europe and Latin America. Now a family man in TX, he still taps into his long list of international connections he made over the years to recruit the best guides around. Going somewhere we don't have a guide yet? Ask Jeremy; he'll get a rock-star guide for you.

Jeff Louden

Jeff Louden - The Strategist

Jeff is a life-long experience seeker - the kind of guy you will less likely find reclining on a tour bus than mingling with locals to find one last amazing thing to do before his flight boards. After finishing his undergraduate studies in Spain, Jeff ventured solo through Europe before returning to the States. He picked up an MBA from Pepperdine and has since accumulated fifteen years of sales, strategy, and marketing experience. In that time he bounced through 48 states, soaking up the nuances of the communities he passed through. From Tibet to Tucson, Jeff still takes every opportunity to have locals show off their hidden gems, because the beaten track is just a little too crowded and touristy. In his own hometown he always finds the time to share his favorite experiences with anyone who is up for it. You can see why he couldn't resist joining our team.

Marshall Dougherty

Marshall Dougherty - The Task Master

Currently residing in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Marshall has deep connections in the local tourism industry. Living in an international travelers hub, he knows and sees the need for reliable, safe, and informed guides on a daily basis. He is also an international traveler and loves the less common “locals only� tours. If you're going to San Juan and want to see something truly unique, reach out to Marshall.

Aaron Bell

Aaron Bell - Advisor - First Jackalope

Aaron is Austin's Top Hop and the first Jackalope. He is an expert on Austin's outdoor offerings and is willing to give you the keys to his city. He finds adventure in places where others see none, and can discover more about an area's outdoors in a single week than others find in a lifetime.

Aaron is a seasoned world traveler who has been to over 30 countries, mostly via hitchhiking and other forms of ultra-cheap travel. He is passionate about sharing his way of life and bringing people along with him, whether through organizing a massive hitchhiking race from Texas to North Carolina, hosting an island camp out, or convincing his friends to start a scooter gang.

Aaron holds the record for the longest field goal ever in the Unicycle Football League where he is a two-time national champion with his team the Hot Dogs. When he's not traveling, Aaron can be found teaching Speech at a local high school.

Ready to explore? Hop to it!